Thursday, May 9, 2013

Trash Count: Day 9

At this point we don't produce much trash at all. Part of moving towards a zero waste lifestyle is examining what you do end up throwing away and ultimately sending to a landfill. 

As an experiment I'm going to keep tabs on the trash we collect in our home. My husband usually halls down our giant trash can to the curb about once every 4 months. Lately I think it's been less then that, so this is an experiment to watch our trash a bit more closely. 

After 9 days the only piece of trash we've produced in our home is a piece of plastic packing tape that I received from a USPS box in the mail for my Mother's Day gifts.
{Used packing tape}

I was pretty positive that this indeed was trash and not recyclable but as part of my ongoing research I scoured the internet trying to find answers. Turns out that the tape is recyclable after all(sort of, recycling includes incinerating plastic and adhesive residue which is a recycling byproduct, not ideal!). This reduces our 9 day trash count to 0, that magical number. I'll keep you posted on what actually does end up in the bin headed to landfill.

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