Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Trash Count: Day 14

In our trash after 14 days of we have 3 items. 2 of which I'm still not convinced are trash. 

- 1 bandaid
- 1 deflated blister pack 
- 1 empty bottle of aftershave

They came from...
- bandaid, we are using all the bandaids we have already bought. We'll move to cotton gauze and paper tape when we're out.
- blister pack, I compulsively bought a new one piece bathing suit on sale online. It came in a plastic shipping envelope inside another plastic bag next to a plastic blisterpack. Such wasteful and excessive packaging for a bathing suit and it's not even flattering! (note to self: don't do that again!) I am reusing the two bags that's why they aren't part of this count.
- aftershave, that's my husbands. He used up this last bottle and decided he doesn't need aftershave anymore. Score!

I want to add that this is our trash from our home only. I did go out of town over the weekend with a group of friends and produced some trash. I used my own jars and bags for everything I brought but was not in control of what others brought and used. I did my part to be zero waste but was in a house that ended up throwing a way a few bags of trash. It was a good learning experience to see how 'normal' it is to be wasteful and to know it could have been largely avoided was hard.

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