Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Non-toxic Alternative: White Vinegar

White vinegar is a staple in our household. We buy it in either 1/2 gallon plastic jugs or 1 liter glass bottles because we have not been able to find it sold in bulk. We use it to clean pretty much everything on a day to day basis in our natural 'all-purpose cleaner' and I keep discovering new uses for it. Here's how we are currently using organic white vinegar.

{All-purpose cleaner in a stainless steal spray bottle}

- All purpose cleaner (for all household surfaces and spills)
- Natural soft scrub (tile, toilet, sink and shower cleaner)
- Room deodorizer (fill half a ramekin and leave where there's odor)
- Microwave cleaner (fill half a ramekin, microwave for a minute, wipe clean)
- Dishwasher rinse (pour in rinse receptacle)
- Fabric softener (add to rinse receptacle)
- Sink sparkler (fill sink with water and a cup of vinegar, soak, wipe down)
- Goo gone alternative (use straight on sticky spills on carpet and on sticker adhesive)

- Poached eggs (a splash in the water helps whites stay together)

How do you use white vinegar?

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