Sunday, May 19, 2013

Trash Count: Day 19

Like the previous weekend, I went on a trip and produced some trash. This time it was camping but my husband and I did our best effort to shop zero waste for that trip, use reusables as much as we could and reuse disposables. We also went to a pool party where we shared a paper plate, drank to beer in glass bottles and used a plastic cup a few times for beverages. For the most part I feel ok about the waste we produced this past weekend. 
Here's what's in our home trash count:
- 1 bandaid
- 1 deflated blister pack
- 1 empty bottle of aftershave
- 1 Mi Pueblo shopping bag (we brought home from camping to transport a dirty pan because we forgot our pot scrubber)
- 1 broken flashlight
- 1 flower preserver packet (with a beautiful bouquet for flowers from a friend wrapped in paper with a rafia bow)
- 1 plastic sleeve liner from incense (I thought it was just wrapped in recycled paper)
- 1 gum pack wrapper (a favor from a party)
- 1 lollypop wrapper (on a gift from a friend)
- 2 quarters sleeves from the bank (we have coin laundry)

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