Monday, May 6, 2013

Recipe: Almond Milk

Making almond milk is much easier then most people think. It's fresh, better tasting and much less expensive then store bought. It can be enjoyed with cereal, tea, coffee and in baking recipe's as a substitute for milk. How do you use your almond milk?

- 1 cup unsalted organic almonds (bought in bulk)
- 4 cups water
- 1 tbs local honey (or 1 date, bought in bulk)

1. Soak almonds in at least an inch of water in the refrigerator overnight. 

2. Strain, then rince soaked almonds with water.

3. Place soaked and strained almonds into blender with 4 fresh cups of water and honey.

4. Place chinoise over a bowl (you can use a cheese cloth or nut milk bag too), pour blended almond mixture into strainer. Press pulp with a spoon until most of the milk is in the bowl (squeeze, if its cheesecloth). Set aside the almond pulp to use later for an exfoliating scrub or freeze to add to cookies. 

5. Using a funnel, pour strained almond milk into an airtight container. Shake before using, refrigerate and enjoy for up to a week

{Almond milk in a pop-top reusable glass bottle}

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