Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Trash Count: Day 29

Here's what's in our home trash count after 29 days:
- 1 bandaid
- 1 deflated blister pack
- 1 empty bottle of aftershave
- 1 Mi Pueblo shopping bag (we brought home from camping to transport a dirty pan because we forgot our pot scrubber)
- 1 broken flashlight
- 1 flower preserver packet (with a beautiful bouquet for flowers from a friend wrapped in paper with a rafia bow)
- 1 plastic sleeve liner from incense (I thought it was just wrapped in recycled paper)
- 1 gum pack wrapper (a favor a party)
- 1 lollypop wrapper (on a gift from a friend)
- 2 quarters sleeves from the bank (we have coin laundry)
- 2 hot sause packets (we needed breakfast burritos ;)
- 1 plastic ring from either yogurt or some other jarred food

I see a theme here, yes plastic! We both try not to throw anything away all of the time, but we're not crazy strict either. We reuse and recycle as much as possible too.

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