Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Zero Waste Impromptu BBQ

A few weeks ago my husband and I planned a day hike with some friends up to the Tourist Club. Afterword we decided to have everyone over for an impromptu BBQ. We needed food and beer so I knew I better act fast to avoid all the waste that usually comes with a party, especially an unplanned last minute one! I volunteered to go on a food and beer run with my friend Reny, she was happy to help out!

I quickly grabbed a few jars, produce bags, shopping bag and our two beer growlers. We hopped in the car and were on our way. We swung by Mill Valley Market, first stop was the meat counter. I asked the butcher to fill up my large jar with chicken thighs and a smaller jar with ground chuck, he happily obliged. Next we needed buns for the burgers, I filled my bread sack with rolls available in bulk. Then over to produce, I filled my produce bag with fresh corn and picked up a watermelon for dessert. Once we got to the check out line I showed Reny my jars-o-meat (she was Instagraming while we were racing around so I knew she didn't notice me asking the butcher to place the goods in my jars) she looked at it and said "Woah, that's awesome! Did they give you a discount, because they should?!" I said "No, no discount but that would be nice, haha." 

We checked out then headed down the street to Mill Valley Beerworks. We filled both growlers that we brought with our favorite, 'Sweetwater Kolsch.' The entire trip took a total of 20 minutes door-to-door. Our friends couldn't believe how fast we were and I was happy that we were able to do a full on Zero Waste shopping trip on the fly! 

The party was a success. We drank beer, wine,(refilled bottles of course!) grilled and even played charades. A good time was had by all! =)

{Reny and I enjoying the Tourist Club}