Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Homemade Corn Tortillas

Back about a year ago I got diagnosed with a sensitivity to wheat, my doctor recommended that I eliminate gluten from my diet in attempt to aid my health issues. Since then I've made a big effort to stay away from it entirely, it took a bit of practice but now it's a no brainer. 

Before my diagnosis I used to buy small baguettes of french bread at Acme bread company in the ferry building on my way home from work. Now I do the same thing but at Mariposa baking company in the ferry building, it's an all gluten free bakery in the ferry building. I have to say though I'm not the biggest fan of gluten free bread, even the good stuff doesn't taste nearly as good as the real stuff so I don't buy it that often. Only really when I know we're going to make sandwiches or have a cheese plate. 

I've noticed I have many more gluten free options with more ethnic cuisine such as Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Mexican and more. Out of necessity my husband and I have become masters at making corn tortillas from scratch. They are so much quicker and easier to make then I imagined, from start to table they take no more then twenty minutes. They taste so much better then store bought and cost a fraction of the price. We've stuffed them with everything you can imagine. Lately we've been in to making Korean themed tacos with kimchi, so delicious!

{Our take on the Korean taco}

1 cup masa flour
1/2 cup plus 2 tablespoons warm tap water
1 pinch of salt

Using your hands, mix all ingredients together well then divide the dough in to small balls the size of golf balls. On a clean cutting board place a dough ball between two Silpat mats (one on top of the dough and one on the bottom) then use a cast iron french oven or skillet and press firmly and evenly on the ball of dough to make the flat tortilla about 1/8 inch thick. Carefully remove the tortilla from the Silpat and place in a hot skillet about 450 degrees. These don't take long to cook a minute or two on each side and they're ready to enjoy. If you're making a big batch keep warm on a plate lined with a dishtowel, cover with the rest of the dishtowel so they slightly steam and keep warm. You can use these just as you would any tortilla, the possibilities are endless. 

{The final product: homemade corn tortillas}