Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My Facebook Hiatus Explained

A few weeks ago I found myself at home refreshing Facebook again and again for no good reason. This was after clocking a full eight hours at work, most of which is time spent in front of the computer not to mention the list of household todo's I was procrastinating on. That night I decided to deactivate my Facebook temporarily and start being more productive during my downtime. 

It's been about five weeks since that night and I still don't want to go back on Facebook. I find it refreshing to be off of it and not only have I been more productive but I also get the opportunity to really connect with friends and family by spending time with them or calling to chat. I finally have time for the projects I've been meaning to get to. For once news is still news and not something I read online and pretend to act like I haven't! At first I felt disconnected but now I realize that Facebook stressed me out without really connecting me to the people I'm truly invested in. Now I'm not convinced that this hiatus is temporary, it might have sticking power but time will tell.

If you need more reasons to deactivate your account here are 15 compelling reasons I found yesterday: http://lifestyle.allwomenstalk.com/excellent-reasons-to-quit-facebook

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